During her pregnancy Dr. Dargout was treated regularly with Chiropractic care and found the benefits to be many, including little low back pain, no nausea, and overall a terrific and enjoyable pregnancy.  Because of this she sought additional training and became certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in the Webster Technique, a specific technique used to evaluate and treat the pelvis, specifically in pregnant women.  The equipment in the office is adaptable to the pregnant body, with drop out pieces to allow for space for a growing belly, as well as “prego pillows” which are specially designed cushions with cut-outs for the belly and breasts.



The Webster technique begins with an evaluation of the pelvis to determine its positioning.  The pelvis is then adjusted accordingly using a low force technique called Drop table.  By balancing the pelvis it allows both the pelvis to continue to expand normally and allows the baby the space it needs to be in the best position possible to prepare its self for child birth.  Often times, this will also alleviate the back ache or sciatic pain the mother experiences.  Using this technique the mother’s abdomen and lumbar spine is not twisted or turned (as in typical manual adjustments applied to non-pregnant patients) to prevent torsion of the pelvic ligaments.


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Massage of the Round Ligament – The final step of the Webster technique includes massage of the round ligament.  The round ligament is a ligament that surrounds the uterus and attaches it to the pelvis.  When the pelvis is misaligned the round ligament will also therefore be dysfunctional, restricting space within the uterus.  The massage is a gentle pressure applied to the ligament (the portion that attaches to the pelvis) that will allow it to relax.  It is similar to applying gentle pressure to a sore muscle to allow it to relax.  This allows for more space for baby, which in turn allows baby to get in its optimal position to prepare for birth.