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Shanta T 

Amazing practice! I am 6 months pregnant…no health problems…just wanted to start getting adjusted to maintain good health. I left my very first adjustment feeling relaxed, completely free of tension I never even knew I had and like I could lay down and have the best sleep ever! On top of that I was able to breathe easier & have improved posture! My almost 2yr old also got adjusted using the pro adjuster…after his bath last night he was so relaxed he fell asleep within 5 minutes! I highly recommend Dr. Christine!!!

Alicia M

Dr. Dargout has been treating me about once a month for over a year. She has helped me so much with my shoulder and neck pain,from an injury in 2000. It is unbelievable the difference it makes in my neck and shoulder. After my appointments I’m able to move more freely, without pain and stiffness. What a blessing! Shelly and Dr. Dargout are welcoming and make you feel comfortable and right at home.

Mary C

I don’t know what I would do without my visits to Dargout Family Chiropractic. My entire family receives treatments from Dr Dargout. She keeps us all feeling better.


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Kelly K

Chrissy and the staff at Dargout Family Chiropractic are amazing! I am currently in my third trimester of pregnancy and was feeling pretty uncomfortable last week. They got me in right away and and I felt better instantly! I highly recommend scheduling an appointment if you have not already!

Mitch T

Dr. Chrissy is awesome! Always makes time for an adjustment and has given me great pain relief!